• Market Cap: $2,468,201,929,428.86
  • 24h Vol: $34,141,362,354.46
  • BTC Dominance: 51.35%


Dark Web

Who created Asia Coin?

We asked a few AI protocols regarding the identity of the creators of Asia Coin and this is what we got so far:<Unfortunately, information about the creators of Asia Coin (ASIA) is generally not publicly available. Many cryptocurrency projects choose not to disclose the identities of their founders or development teams. This is sometimes referred […]

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Crypto vs Forex trading risks

Both cryptocurrency (crypto) trading and foreign exchange (forex) trading carry risks, but they are distinct markets with unique risk factors. Here, we’ll compare the risks associated with each to help you understand the differences: Cryptocurrency Trading Risks: Volatility: Cryptocurrencies are notorious for their extreme price volatility. Prices can skyrocket or plummet within a short period,

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Bitcoin news

Crypro News and Updates

The latest crypto news: The cryptocurrency market has been volatile in recent weeks, with prices falling sharply. However, there are some positive developments that could help to boost the market in the coming months. One positive development is the increasing adoption of cryptocurrencies by businesses and institutions. A number of major companies, such as Tesla

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Precious metals compared to Crypto investments

When comparing precious metals to crypto investments, there are several key differences to consider: Tangibility: Precious metals like gold and platinum are physical assets that you can hold and store. They have been used as stores of value for centuries and have intrinsic value due to their scarcity and industrial uses. Cryptocurrencies, on the other

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