• Market Cap: $2,662,695,610,819.75
  • 24h Vol: $133,014,146,633.29
  • BTC Dominance: 50.43%

AsiaX Team & Asia Coin




In the past two years, the AsiaX Team has successfully raised the price of Asia Coin and maintained the value of the project while most of the crypto market plunged by an average of 50-70 percent. It is clear that the team has done a great job establishing a digital empire with a lot to offer.

Initially, the team focused on developing the website, which offers a search engine for loose diamonds and allows end users and investors to become fair traders of certified diamonds. This is a unique invention developed by the AsiaX Team.

Since then, the team has made great progress building other essential platforms, such as, an ad network devoted mostly but not only to the crypto industry, allowing crypto payments and creating a network of websites.

The team has also joined forces with ApolloX to offer a discounted perpetual trading platform with cash back plans of Asia Coin to all users (

In addition, the project has its own market data and blog website,, which you are reading right now. It is hard to keep track of all the developments, and there are sure to be more surprises coming soon.

a bit from the AI world of Google Bard:
Asia Coin is a cryptocurrency developed by AsiaX Team . The project aims to be adopted worldwide by crypto, diamonds, gold, and other precious metals dealers 2. The maximum supply of Asia Coin is 100 million ASIA .

AsiaX Team is determined to keep the operation as decentralized as possible, allowing a new opportunity to take part in the crypto revolution with a low cap and essential utilities . They offer crypto trading and staking services for Asia Coin . You can stake your Asia Coin by holding ASIA and filling out the form on their website .

For more information on Asia Coin and AsiaX Team, you can visit their official website at

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AsiaX Team

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