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How to start trading certified diamonds as an investment?

This article will focus on White Natural Round Diamonds.
There is a lot to learn about Diamonds, Especially if you are planning to make some money out of trading loose certified diamonds.
The 4C’s:
-Carat =Size in carats.
-Color D-Z
-Clarity (Level of scratches black and all kind of marks/defects FL-I3)
-Cut (The grading level of the cutting and Polishing+Symmetry EX-POOR)
There are other important factors that should be in your calculations.
Fluorescence (The way a diamond will react to the blue light NONE-V.Strong) can be a very important factor to determine the price of a valuable diamond.
Understanding the way diamond markets work and being a part might take time.
Compare between certified diamonds and learn the prices available on the markets today.
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