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CoinAds ( – By AsiaX Team
Every business promotes its content online through ads in the current commercial landscape. CoinAds is a solution for your business when you intend to increase your online presence and get to more consumers. The platform allows advertisers to sell their ads to publishers and ensure traffic in their advertisements. The online marketplace is simple to use, allowing advertisers to sell their ads to publishers. Publishers only need to generate ad codes using CoinAds publisher account. You are at the right place for your content!
CoinAds for Advertisers
CoinAds for advertisers allows advertisers to create their ads and give generation to quality leads to the website. After a publisher makes an ad, it will be served in our extensive publisher network to give your business a wider online reach. As an advertiser, you will have the role of creating text or banner ads. These are the elements that will be used in creating your ads on our platform. The other important element for a publisher is to have the right keyword and geographical targeting. Our payment methods are flexible, and we accept different modes, including 2co, PayPal, check, and bank.
CoinAds for publishers
Website traffic is one of the ways through which one can monetize their business. CoinAds allows publishers to earn from any valid click from your website. We provide a platform where ads from the highest bidders are shown on your busy website. Through this strategy, maximum revenue is obtained from your website. Monetizing your website with us is simple and can be done in a few simplified steps. You will need to create banner add codes or text, filter out the competitor ads, and get set. We accept different payment methods, including check, bank, and PayPal.
What benefits does CoinAds bring to advertisers?
Advertisers are always looking to reach a larger global marketplace. CoinAds for advertisers allows you to reach out to a global marketplace at reduced costs. Our platform allows you to reach every target audience through keyword configurations, display devices, categories, geographical filters, and browsers. Your business has in the past not been able to reach a large marketplace as you have not invested in the right platform.
CoinAds is a solution to your advertising problems. We guarantee you an extensive market reach through our different strategies. We ensure that the optimization reach your target market and in every region as our platform is embraced globally.
What benefit does CoinAds bring to publishers?
Why do you have a busy website with high traffic and low revenues? Every publisher with a website can monetize the traffic that they experience from the users visiting their website. The systems that we have in place ensure that you get maximum revenue at any given time by providing the platforms to be used by some of the highest bidders. You will not regret involving us in helping you monetize the high traffic you have on your website. High revenues will make your project a success.
Referral Program
CoinAds referral program allows users to earn cash from advertiser and publisher referrals. CoinAds system support referral banners or referral text links for referral promotion. Interesting, no?
Wondering Why CoinAds?
CoinAds marketplace reach is broad, and it will provide you with increased access to customers. The online platform allows advertisers to sell their ads to publishers. Through the exchange, the publishers’ traffic would then transform to traffic to the advertisers. CoinAds gives equal opportunities to both large and small advertisers and publishers. Advertisers can easily submit their ads and configure the audience to deliver the ads.
CoinAds also allows the advertisers to budget as they go through the process to ensure that the traffic they get from the publishers becomes a success to their business. Selling of Ads and traffic exchange is easy on the CoinAds platform.
What do you need to do to join the platform?
You will need to sign up to get a free advertiser or publisher account. It is the first process that will give you access to the platform. The next important stage will be creating the ads for the advertisers. In this stage, an advertiser is given the opportunity to create ads and determine their target audience. For the publishers, you will need to insert ad code on your website to display the ad(s). CoinAds systems will come in to increase leads for the advertiser. The last process for the publisher is starting to earn money from their website traffic.
CoinAds is an interesting ad network; it is a tool many will appreciate. Join CoinAds to maximize your website revenues!


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